Rhea Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc. was founded in 1996 as the first company in its sector under the leadership of Türkiye Vakıflar Bankası Turkish Inc. with the title “Vakıf Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc.”

The purpose of establishment has been determined as; to provide companies with a competitive advantage in sectors with growth potential to develop projects that will contribute to the Turkish Economy, to provide management knowledge and capital contribution, to enable entrepreneurs to benefit from this know-how and experience in the most appropriate way by putting the collective resources into action, as well as effective portfolio management and to contribute to the corporate development of venture companies with its exemplary corporate structure, to provide higher income to its stakeholders than other investment alternatives.

Issued capital of the company which has determined initially as 250.000.-TL, has been determined as 41.550.000.- TL.

The title of the company was changed to Vakıf Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc., as per the amendment made in the Capital Market Legislation on 05.07.2004.

In 2009, shares with the privilege of nominating candidates in the election of Group (A) Board Members, which were put up for sale in line with the strategic vision of Türkiye Vakıflar Bankası Turkish Inc., were taken over on 10.12.2009 as a result of a competitive tender process, with the Share Sale and Transfer Agreement signed by Rhea Group (Onur TAKMAK) on 28.08.2009 and with the decision published in the bulletin numbered 2009/49 of the Capital Markets Board. In 2010, the company's title was changed to Rhea Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc.

At the date of transfer, the ratio of 25% (A) group and 6.15% (B) group shares remained as 5.42% (A) group, as a result of not exercising new share purchase rights in group (A) and selling (B) group shares on BIST.

On 09.12.2022, it was transferred to Mustafa Mümtaz ÖZKAYA in accordance with the decision of the Capital Markets Board taken at the meeting dated 02.12.2022 and numbered 70/1721 and published in the Bulletin dated 02.12.2022 and numbered 2022/66.