Rhea Girişim focuses on 3 factors when considering an investment. These key factors, which stem from our past international experiences in venture capital, also act as our guiding principles.

The right team

Whatever it may entail, a project can only reach fruition if led by the right team. It is therefore crucial that the entrepreneurs remain as managing partners in our companies. Moreover, the team has to be experienced in the sector, creative, result-oriented, honest, proactive and able to act fast.

The right business plan

A realistic business plan is instrumental in achieving fast growth. In addition, with the exception of the infrastructure industry, all products and services need to be sellable globally. An ideal business plan should therefore secure a leading market share, brand creation, and the safeguarding or patenting of ideas.

The right exit

Rhea Girişim aims to exit from its investments in 5 years. An exit can be considered once a certain level of growth and profitability is achieved, either through a block sale or an IPO. Investments that fail to promise such an exit remain outside Rhea Girişim’s radar screen.