The raison d’être of Rhea VCIT is, the creation of value that leads to higher shareholder returns, through investments in companies of high growth potential within a progressive framework.

Our five guiding principle towards that end also constitute the foundations of value creation in our partnerships.

• Real partnership: We are neither a bank nor a lender. Our contribution in our investments rests on supporting management and their partners on a daily basis, opening new distribution channels, and identifying internal and external opportunities. In short, we are prepared to share the risk at all stages with our co-investors.

• Long term commitment: Creating value can only be achieved through leveraging resources, opportunities and markets on a long term basis. Our expectation from any given partnership is based on growing it over the long term.

• Result oriented performance: The development and infusion of a vision within an .organization is contingent upon planning resources towards results. In other words, the rewarding of managers, employees, partners and all other stakeholders based on results.

• Smart partnerships: Many a shareholder can support an investment financially. We, on the other hand, prefer being smarter than that by leveraging our sector-specific know-how, global connections and expertise in growing companies.

• International experience: Rhea Girişim’s management and advisors have a wealth of experience in the fields of capital markets, management of SMEs and venture capital, both on a local and international basis. This array of experiences is a priceless asset for our investments.